Yet again it has been far too long since I posted anything here. I’ve never been able to keep a diary, so I don’t know why I thought keeping a blog would be any different.

In an attempt to try and motivate myself, I’ve re-furbished my blog. It was well over due. Now that I’m reasonably happy with the look and layout of my new improved blog, hopefully I’ll be more likely to see it as an ongoing creative project, and stop neglecting my little corner of cyber space.

As well as a blog overhaul, a couple of days ago I finally worked up the courage to officially open my Etsy shop. etsyshopIt has been laying dormant for quite some time, gathering pixelated cobwebs while I was procrastinating as usual.

At the moment I have an endless supply of paper dolls and a few pieces of original art available to purchase in my shop 🙂

I have 3 different species of Lift-the-Flap Anatomical Paper Dolls in my shop, Human, Mermaid and Alien.
Each paper doll has at least two body “doors” that swing aside to reveal detailed drawings of different parts of their internal anatomy. I originally drew these dolls in coloured pencil, then scanned them and made prints to share with anyone who loves anatomy and otherworldly creatures as much as I do.

They are sold individually or as a set of 3. You also have the option to D.I.Y or I can assemble them for you and ship them off all ready to be played with. 😀

You can find these paper dolls and some of my original artwork at:


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