Yet again it has been far too long since I posted anything here. I’ve never been able to keep a diary, so I don’t know why I thought keeping a blog would be any different. In an attempt to try and motivate myself, I’ve re-furbished my blog. It was well over due. Now that I’m reasonably happy … More Shop


My newest doll is the Undine. A water elemental not dissimilar to a water nymph. She is my 3 dimensional answer to my oil painting “From the Depths”. I started working on her about a year ago, she is by far the largest doll I have made to date and being too time consuming and … More Undine

New Year & New Work

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on paintings one after the other, which for me, is a welcome and rare thing. I finally completed “fountain”, which I had put aside for about 6 months as I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore. This unfortunately is a reoccurring trend of mine. When … More New Year & New Work

Fairytales & Fables

Okay, so I’ve just completed working on two fairytale pieces for the up coming “FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Greatest Hits” exhibition. The theme for the “Greatest Hits” exhibition is to revisit any of ArtBoy’s past themed exhibitions. I just missed the “Fairytales & Fables” exhibition so it was an easy choice for me, and besides, fairytales … More Fairytales & Fables


Wow it’s been along time since I’ve uploaded anything here, just been lazy I guess. But I have been working on a few different things here and there, so stay tuned. Above are some progress pictures of my latest colour pencil drawing “Onus”. See the finished drawing here in the drawings gallery.

New Space & New Work

(Photo taken with Instagram) I’ve been in my new work space for a few weeks now and I’m making some headway on my fountain painting. It’s slow going with all the little details and me being a perfectionist and all, but its coming along. I’ve also just started working on another little oil painting. A … More New Space & New Work


(Photo taken with Instagram) A new update on my “Fountain” painting. It’s coming along albeit slowly. Shortly I’ll be in my new space/studio and be able to work on a few things at a time. But for now some more progress photos.          


My current oil painting. (Photos taken with instagram) At the moment I’m waiting a few days for it to dry before I can do any more work on it. Still a long way to go, but the base layers are down and it’s slowly starting to resemble the image in my head. I’m finally feeling good … More Fountain


Some new photos of my “Wraith” doll. She’s still at the sculpting stage but with newly completed legs and feet, and the skeletal beginnings of arms and hands. Originally her arms were going to be fixed to her body but I think I’ll be putting ball joints in her shoulders now. Her legs are fully articulated … More Wraith

Anatomical Doll

My latest completed ball joint doll. Figuring out the hinging of her torso and ribcage was an absolute nightmare! Miraculously she came together in the end. See more photos of her in the doll gallery.