Fairytales & Fables


Okay, so I’ve just completed working on two fairytale pieces for the up coming “FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Greatest Hits” exhibition.

The theme for the “Greatest Hits” exhibition is to revisit any of ArtBoy’s past themed exhibitions. I just missed the “Fairytales & Fables” exhibition so it was an easy choice for me, and besides, fairytales & mythology is what I do best.

My two pieces are based on Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid” & Charles Perrault’s “Donkeyskin”. My drawings turned out a little more horror-esque than I originally had in mind, I guess I just can’t help myself.

You can see both of my finished drawings here, and for information about the ArtBoy Gallery or the “Greatest Hits” exhibition, check out the ArtBoy website here.

“Greatest Hits” opens on friday August 16th

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